Fusion Combat's younger students enjoy a fun combination of martial arts, discipline and exciting exercises! Our different martial arts programs are carefully designed to match a child’s age, goals, and mental and physical abilities. Our Kids Self-Defense classes combine a mixture of traditional and modern martial arts and defensive techniques into an electrifying curriculum that makes kids feel strong, reassured,  and confident.

Your child will enjoy a wide variety of kickboxing, self-defense, and grappling drills/exercises which keeps every class fun and rewarding. Best of all, we place a high emphasis on building character and success habits that last a life-time!




Self Defense Practice

Fusion Youth (7-12 yr olds)

This program is so much more than just kick & punch. Our Fusion Youth classes are like nothing you've seen before! By taking practical concepts from traditional and modern martial arts, Fusion Youth students benefit from learning realistic, useful, and empowering self-defense techniques; They'll also build character traits such as leadership, commitment, respect, and so much more! 

We also understand that Teens need a whole different level of training than our Kids. Our teens train at a pushing pace while also receiving the character-shaping ideas and concepts that our younger students get. Best part of the Teens program? They're building strong friendships with their class-mates while learning how to defend themselves and their loved-ones.  

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Fusion Teens (12-15 yr olds)

If you want your child to have the confidence, self-discipline, and respect they deserve, you can trust our Kids Martial Arts Program to get the job done! To learn more about our programs and to schedule a complimentary trial class, please make sure to click on the "drop-down menu" below, select "Youth Programs" and fill out the form! One of our instructors will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you!